Crop top

I had in mind a dress for spring, something lightweight that would incorporate the look of a crop top with a matching skirt. But I didn’t really want the hassle of having to wear a crop top. I quickly thought of a way to consolidate the look of the outfit with a nude tulle band running across the waist to create the illusion that this area is bare. It’s not much design wise but easy for spring when the weather isn’t too hot and nights can get somewhat chilly…




The challenge of this dress (though it may look simple) was getting a clean finish around the waist and crop top when one turns the dress inside out. This georgette fabric has a tendency to be really flimsy/slippery so I had to incorporate many stay stitches before sewing seams together. Another important design element was added to the skirt, a waistband. At first I wanted to just sew the shirred skirt directly onto the nude but this caused problems with the construction, all the shirred seams would show through the nude tulle where the fabric is completely transparent. The narrow waistband was a way to secure the shirred skirt without having to expose the seams.

A very discreet invisible side zipper was also implemented as to not disturb the illusion of the crop top/nude insert running around the waist. This was another challenging part, though again, the design seems really simple. I hate sewing zippers, no matter how many times I do it its always the part I dread the most. I have never met a zipper I like, ever. You’ll notice that 80% of the design elements in this dress are dictated by construction limits.

I used an exposed white zipper to finish the neckline. I wanted to use the same zipper to finish the hem of the skirt, but the yardage of the skirt at the hem is incredibly long because its shirred at the waist and its cut into bias circles…I measured the hem and it would have required a whole entire roll of a zipper (about 30 yards) and it would’ve made the dress incredibly heavy and unwearable. Again, another construction related limit that requires me to shave off design details. Also the hem is uneven, slightly longer towards the back, but I tend not to like dresses with this kind of shirring detail that have completely straight can look somewhat unnatural. I wanted the hem of this dress to be slightly haphazard.


My dog’s version of this dress was even more limited in design, obviously because its a dog and it has to freely do its thing. I added a zipper down the center back and a little ruffled skirt but I shaved off the length as it reach her belly so it didn’t inhibit her walking.

You might have noticed my posts have been slapdash lately. I took some time off to play nurse for my mom, she’s been laid up in bed unable to walk for about a two months now so I’ve been taking care of her/running her errands-I’m the only child so there are no siblings around to pick up the slack… …She starts therapy tomorrow so she’ll slowly be able to walk again… On top of playing nurse I’ve also been working on a project that took me to hell and back but its 99% done now just waiting for some signatures to come through…I’ll try to deliver better quality posts but who knows when that will be seeing as I have no time right now..