Coffee Station. This post may only be interesting to people who love coffee, otherwise you’ll probably snore through this whole thing.


These kenyan beans have yet to be roasted. I purchased some different beans in their raw state, I like to fresh roast my beans. Coffee bean flavor deteriorates the longer they sit around after they roast. Brazilian, Ethiopian, Tanzanian, Kenyan, and Guatemala are some single origin beans I like to roast, along with Blue Mountain my favorite coffee bean. Usually coffee beans are blended but I like to use single origin beans.

Primitive coffee roasting with raw Kenyan beans.
This method is archaic, you see how slowly they roast….There’s one bean that is getting slightly toasted…But its not roasted enough yet…Beans should almost be
black/dark brown.

This machine roasts beans too, except its much faster… I highly recommend this one for people who are coffee fanatics.

A video of fresh roasted beans, medium grind, french press method. The french press coffee maker from Bodum. The flavor of roasting your own beans vs. using pre roasted beans is vastly different, like night and day. All the videos in this post are silent.

Another popular way to extract coffee is with a Siphon Pot. For more info on how this machine works the way it does, click here I use fresh roasted Blue Mountain beans for the siphon.

Coffee flavor affecting variables = water temperature, soaking time, different grinding gauges (medium, coarse, fine bean grind) and extraction amount…Strange how even these slight changes completely affect coffee flavors. Different beans require different extracting methods…. for example, blue mountain tastes best with the Siphon method. I learned that Brazilian or south american coffee beans (ground coarsely) in general work best for Cold press coffees while Kopi Luwak beans go best with a hand drip method.

Different extracting methods for each bean, for a 7 oz cup.

  • Ethiopian Beans; coffee grind = 0.5 oz, water temperature should be 194 F, soaking time = 40 seconds
  • Brazilian Beans; coffee grind = 0.6 oz, water temperature should be 199 F, soaking time = 30 seconds
  • Tanzanian Beans; coffee grind = 0.7 oz, water temperature should be 203 F, soaking time = 20 seconds

Coffee, old fashioned hand drip..

I roasted the beans and freshly grinded Brazilian beans for this cold pressed coffee. You pour the liquid and the grinded coffee beans through the top and it takes about 1 day for the coffee liquid to be filtered out.. Cold brews are best with a coarse grind. This method filters out the least amount of caffeine.

Iced coffee has a tendency to become bitter and stale really quickly..With fresh roasted brazilian beans its not possible to have bad iced coffee… I drink too much iced coffee btw, anyone have a remedy for this? Not a tea person at all.

Next up, Kopi Luwak Coffee…Better than Blue mountain, this coffee is
strange and delicious tasting.
The coffee is considered “high class” but the process of how its made is the opposite…Read the card below. These are the animals that ferment the coffee beans, and these are what the beans look like after they are “passed out” by the animal. Passed out being a cleaned up term for “shit out”.

This portable hand drip is great for Kopi luwak coffee…The flavor is really different, kind of musky…can’t describe it..almost muddy but fruity…really great coffee. Very rich but not bitter at all.


Bodum “Piccolo Veneziano” cups

Automated Coffee, an alternative to Starbucks.

So with all this coffee talk, at 7 am the last thing you’re thinking about is roasting freshly ground coffee and water temperatures. This Jura Automated Coffee machine makes the best coffee in comparison to other automated machines. It doesn’t beat freshly roasted coffee but its great coffee for how digitized it is. All you do is press buttons and it does everything else. Yes it costs money but so does drinking a Skim Venti Mocha Double No Foam blah blah blah Latte at Starbucks everyday…the Jura Impressa z5 is like Starbucks came to your house with better coffee…. without the lukewarm pre-steamed milk, lines, and more importantly… coffee made on your time, not theirs (please don’t get me started on having to pay for internet). I think that’s quite a deal for 3 G’s. Of course you could argue that you wouldn’t have access to this at work or on the street, in that case you’ve stumped me, but my basic point is that buying coffee is something so mindless yet it amounts to a lot of money over time; I buy less coffee on the go now but I used to go to starbucks twice a day. Thank god those days are over. This machine can produce latte, cappuccino, coffee and espresso all with a touch of a button. It siphons and steams milk on its own as well.

*The videos were edited in imovie, footage shot with Nikon D90
**None of the products featured in this post were gifted or given to me free of charge in exchange for links or press. No part of this post was paid for by any company.