Christmas wishes…


Photo above features Camo leather lunchbox bag by Logan Zane, and the new Samsung Galaxy Camera phone.

Did you know recently I lost my phone, was really torn up about that, it was the iPhone 4 and so I was forced to make a decision. Get the iPhone 4 again (a new one that insurance was offering me on the cheap) or ditch the 4 and get the new iPhone 5 (of course insurance wasn’t going to cover that). That’s been out for months, but I kept hesitating because I just felt like it wasn’t worth it to upgrade. I was trying to get my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy, and for one reason. I didn’t want to carry credit cards or cash, and with iPhone there’s nothing set up to check out with a credit card. In Korea, carrying credit cards is old news, everyone checks out with their phones. In fact I can even feel that designing wallets will be obsolete over in the Motherland. But there’s one problem with getting the galaxy now and that’s because you can only check out with a phone in the states at Duane Reade. So even if I got the regular Samsung Galaxy it would have been no use..I just want to know why we’re behind because I’m really sick of the whole credit card thing!

Anyway, I ended up replacing my iPhone 4 with the same model and I’m just glad I never got the 5 because it would have been a waste of money. Especially when Samsung just released this whip smart phone/camera. (Photos from Google search)


Everyone that I know (or nearly) has upgraded to the iPhone 5 by now. And a lot of my friends have been saying things like, ‘oh god you’re so embarrasing! Can’t hang with you with that iPhone 4…’ But this time I’m happy I didn’t succumb to peer pressure because you know how weak I am.. This new camera phone by Samsung is awesome, but iPhone 5 I guess has it’s comforts, it is a very light and slim phone. But carry a dslr or compact camera and a phone, or just carry ONE device, I take the latter.


I used to be one of those people that thought DSLR’s were great for photo quality. But time just makes me lazier and lately I just try to get away with taking iPhone pics. And also DSLRs always remind me of like, highschool students who are trying to be art-y and all or wait WORSE a blogger…EVEN WORSE..A FASHUN BLOGGER!… These are looks I really don’t want to cultivate in public.. But this is just perfect because it will have better quality than iPhone pics, but still function as a phone. And let me just say this device is totally creepy, it’s like a miniature DLSR is growing out of a phone… It reminds me of Salvador Dali paintings.. Gorgeous no?



Wishing that was my hand right now.



It’s nice in black too!


Okay enough of that gratuity, sorry, I’m not normally a tech junkie at all but wow this samsung phone has just left me very excited. Read more about it here.

One last fantasy on my list here, can never afford this but I love this crocodile backpack…So so cool, possibly one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. There’s another crocodile backpack here on MR. Porter but I think this Logan Zane one is really perfection, the zipper and the flatness at the front is what I really like, the one from Mr. Porter has too many pouches at the front.