Chinese Take-out


Yes you heard it here first. My favorite fast chinese dish is not something you’ll find at your regular old americanized take out joint. Lo mein, chicken with broccoli and moo-shu pork, easy to find. This dish I’m preparing now, Dried bean curd with yellow chives and pork is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite chinese dishes. This is classic chinese home cooking. The only challenge about putting this dish together is sourcing the ingredients. You’ll have to get your hands on some yellow chives and dried bean curd and pork..(well that’s easy)..But once you do get your hands on them you’ll understand what Hermes once said about fashion design. The best design always comes from high quality materials simply worked.

Below I am wearing my own design, a Luxirare half sleeve leather jacket with perforated leather panels.


Now while I am taking care of this dish, my priorities are getting this Santa Margarita into the freezer so it’s extra cold. Can anyone say, PI-NOT-GRI-GI-O??? After 6 pm, obligatory.


Below you will see one of the major ingredients of this dish. Dried bean curd. Imagine TOFU but condensed a 100x times over. It’s almost solid like cheese, this ingredient is quite salty and packed with flavor. I can’t quite describe but it’s fantastic, just hard to find. And there are the yellow chives, which is also another ingredient you can’t substitute. If you are chinese, please do provide some more insight to this dish. As you know I’m no expert. Any little tips and tricks are welcome.


You want to slice the dried bean curd, the pork, and the yellow chives in a uniform fashion.





There is this sauce I found at a chinese supermarket that my friend recommended to create this dish. It tastes like soy sauce, but it’s not, and it tastes 1000x better? I can’t explain… He is chinese, and he loves this dish so he told me to add some of this special sauce to not only marinate the pork but also to use as seasoning while all the ingredients are being stir-fried in the wok. You will find it here.. Using regular Kikkoman soy sauce will not work.


To marinate the pork, you’ll need sake, this special soy sauce I mentioned above, and ginger oil.


Time to heat up the wok…I recently got this great lighter. Usually I light with matches and my fingers burn and my hands are too close to the heat. With this tool I can light things up pretty easily.


Now to every delicious dish there is always some dirty little secret. For this dish it would definitely be some rendered pork fat. I am using a combination of both ginger oil and pork fat to stir-fry this recipe.


…And voila, dried bean curd, pork and yellow chives. Simple chinese home cooking, and not something you may normally order, but you can try it at home because it’s very easy. Add the pork first, let it brown, then add the dried bean curd and the chives last.






Now for a light Japanese dessert. Some sweet jelly-like noodles.





Separate noodles with your hands..




Thanks for reading, more soon.