Champagne and Strawberries

If you follow me on instagram I am doing short videos including food & drink. There will be garments included.. only because… it would be totally weird and inappropriate if I wasn’t wearing any. In this video I’m wearing a Luxirare black oxford top with rhinestone beads and sides flushed with black tulle. Anyhow, all these things..…all interrelated.

In the 2000′s Rachel Ray blew my mind with her 30 minute meal concept on food tv. I liked her shrewd approach to cooking, and everything she made looked simply delicious.

Well it is 2014 now and on instagram I have 15 seconds to give my closing argument.

So it turns out C-grade Champagne gets C-grade treatment. Moet. When I drink with a group of people at someone’s apartment we usually do plastic cups or solo cups with white wine or prosecco.. I think the same kind of approach can be used for simple entertaining. In terms of how to deal with your guests…well…Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen! Self-serve style, disposable cups, and strawberries if they care for some. Makes it easy for you to remove yourself from the group whenever you need to.

You can find this dispenser at