Chain Jacket

Today’s post provides a little sneak peak through the process of making a Luxirare Chain jacket.
It all starts with a shoe, some messing around, some drawing, some muslin fitting, and then onto the final


Out of all the shoes I’ve seen through a couple of seasons now, these YSL cage boots have to be my absolute favorite in terms of design. In terms of heel height, my favorite shoes are definitely the Nini Ricci platform ankle boots from Fall 09; only Daphne Guinness seems to have the access to these shoes so I have definitely given up my pursuit for them. Of course there are a million copies of this cage boot, some even really good, but no copy has been able to mimic the cage heel. The major selling point of this shoe was definitely the cage heel. The whole shoe reminds me of the movie, Hellraiser, except without the pins.


After fiddling around with the shoes, I start to design my jacket to go with this shoe.


The major material/fabric for this jacket? Thats right, silver cut black chains. I found these super light weight chains that are actually made of aluminum and ordered them immediately. I thought it would be good for clothes because it wouldn’t be too heavy.


The base drape. You can see it differs from the drawing, thats because I made some slight changes.


The jacket may look like its made out of sequins, but actually these are all just chains sewed onto the fabric.


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