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  • Fashion Week Conversations

    There are so many things connected to the weeks of fashion that you cannot describe if you weren’t there to witness them. From the power of music chosen to make a show (which can go from transcendental to something incredibly outdated), up to the strange familiarity you feel towards the people (always the same!) with […]

  • London Life
  • Hotel Review – The Hoxton, Holborn – London

    We fancied a break from home for 24 hours, so we found The Hoxton hotel, in Holborn, and me and my fiancee were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional services here and friendly staff. It’s in a great location with tube station around the corner, Soho within walking distance, easy walk to most theatres, the British Museum, […]

  • London Life
  • El-Vaquero Mill Hill – London

    Last night I went to El Vaquero with a few of my friends as a night out to celebrate one of my friends birthday and we had quite a night! At El Vaquero they have such a great system of serving. The waitress talked us through the process and we were straight to the salad bar, which […]