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  • Be Prepared When You Travel

    If you like to travel, then you know that nothing ruins a trip faster than one truly miserable experience to put a damper on the rest of your trip. For some, it might be something extreme like getting robbed or meeting an unpleasant individual who rips you off, while for others, that miserable experience can […]

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  • Fashion Trend Alert: The Suit

    The suit is that clothing item that should not miss from your wardrobe, regardless if you are a man or woman. If you have an office job as well, owning a high-quality suit becomes a must. Not necessarily to wear it every day, because there are other alternatives to dress sharp at work, but for […]

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  • Fabulous Fashionistas: Mature women that refuse to become invisible

    A few weeks ago, the hazards and clicks gathered from Facebook opened on my screen an exceptional documentary. “Fabulous Fashionistas”, a production of the British television Channel 4, is the profile of six women with an average age of 80 years old (they have between 73 and 91 years old). It is true, they are […]

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  • Fashion and Technology: Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

    The world is in a constant state of change. Technology, as well as fashion, are always changing and making new and better things every year. The biggest problem for anyone is just keeping up with the constant changes that are made. By the time people catch on to one trend a new one has already […]

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  • Resolutions for your style in 2017

    Every woman “presents” and understands her style, first of all, through the apparel that represents her. Then she continues her endeavor understanding how her aesthetic and lifestyle preferences, her guiding marks concerning femininity and beauty, her relationship with her body and people around her, transfers in the life she is leading. The style we choose […]

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  • Happy Birthday, Capricorn girl!

    You are often seen in business attires: highly adjusted suits, low heels, and classic accessories. The simple and classic style is the pillars of your wardrobe. But this doesn’t mean that you are frigid from a stylistic point of view or detached of what means femininity and modern. In fact, you love wearing clothes to […]

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  • Comfort’s eulogy

    When it comes to apparel, the notion of comfort was unknown to me for a very long time and it often made me indifferent about it. I must mention that, back in those days, I used to believe that the purpose of clothes was, above anything, to allow optic illusions to make life gentler, better… […]

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  • Mulberry Roxanne

    Known to fans as Roxy, this little handbag managed to check all the boxes necessary to become an “it bag”. It had pockets and buckles and much more studs than the outfit of a dominatrix taken from a photo shoot for Playboy. Back in the days when it first appeared, in 2004, its price was […]

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  • How to Look Like You Lost 10lbs

    Losing the final 10lbs in your weight loss goal can seem next to impossible. In fact, it’s often the most difficult portion to lose. You may not even have a big goal, it could just be that you put on some extra weight over the Christmas holidays or while on vacation, or it just snuck […]

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  • Invest in a black dress

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everybody says it, since Coco (Chanel, of course) – you must have a perfect, black dress in your dresser. The truth is that this is a fact; you really should have one that can get you out of a dead end. My advice: spend as much as you can on […]