BYOB, but also, Bring your own lunch. Honestly though this is really just an excuse to push a new fried rice agenda. If you’re fastidious enough at 6 am when you’re alarm goes off, not entertaining suicidal thoughts, then maybe this is the perfect lunchbox for you.

The fried rice and how it’s made… I also used these japanese tofu wraps. Have you tried them? They are kind of sweet but not too much, and the perfect partner to this savory fried rice. I like shrimp fried rice but this time I found a different way to salt it. This was also a ¬†fried rice that I made by using random ingredients, when I was really young and my grandmother would visit my family in the US for long periods, she’d want to cook for me but I’d always be telling her to cook my recipes not hers, and this was one of them. And guess what when she went back to Korea she continued to make it for my cousins… So my recipe consists of asparagus, shrimp, green hot peppers, and a weird one, salted kelp. You can get salted kelp at japanese grocery stores, but it ¬†adds a unique flavor, simply put, it tastes like the ocean.




The kelp here as you can see comes heavily salted. It’s a way to um, cure the kelp…but then you have to wash the salt off and chop it. I just wash the salt off lightly because I don’t want the salty kelp-y flavor to disappear completely, but if you soak this kelp in water for over an hour, then you might lose that saltiness altogether. So my advice to you is if you want more of this kelp flavor in the fried rice, then soak it in water. If you want less of it, then just wash it off once.


You cannot eat this off the screen so just try it at home. Saute the shrimp first and then add the rice, then everything else. I’d add the asparagus later so you don’t overcook it, that would be really awful.


Tofu pouches?


There we go.


And there’s your lunch.



And there’s your three course, boozy lunch….Sutter’s home, sup?


Chocolate covered pretzel nuggets, pomegranate that I don’t have to mess with (umm….. why would you bring a whole un-plucked pomegranate to your desk…you’re already at W-O-R-K…)..and carrots with dip.




The quickest way to become an outcast at work is to deprive your co-workers of white wine, ESP on a friday afternoon when everyone’s already one foot out…so bring a four pack for E-Z popularity.