Cast on + Baked Goodies

After months the doctor finally rolled another cast on my mom, but this cast allows her to walk! No wheeling around! I was nervous because at the last visit he put her in the first cast and told her to stay in bed. She’s got legs now…still limping a lot though. The defected calf that has been locked in a cast looks like Nicole Richie’s…In fact I’m quite fascinated by how thin the defected calf looks in comparison to the fuctional one..its almost half the size! My mom wonders if it will be this way forever…”what if my calf stays ano?”…It will grow back in due time I’m sure. For now I’m just happy that she can get her own water, take her own showers, and cook her own food…both of us are FREED! Two more weeks until she finishes therapy though.

Victory! She scored a free shoe from the doctor that enables her to walk… you won’t find these in Barney’s or Jak & Jil. You might find these on sale which are similar strap wise but definitely not as ‘chic’ as the one my mom is rocking. Love her Nike sweats and but not the Prada sneaker on her other foot. I keep telling her how metro-sexual these sneakers are but she continues to offend me.

After the victorious visit I picked up some baked goodies from Balthazar, the trendiest “french” bakery around. Regardless, the
baked goods are tasty.


Lemon Pillow. Really, the fluffiest “tart” I’ve ever had. The crust was extremely crunchy.
Look at that crumb structure!
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