Ever since I started showing this skull lamp with the oil and wick, my inbox flooded with questions about where I bought it, and of course on nearly every post that featured this candle I had questions … but I didn’t know quite what to say because it was something I bought in some interior design store in the Marais District (Paris). Well of course I couldn’t let this curiosity go unanswered, so in this post we’ll explore some ways you can get this skull oil lamp feeling without having to buy a ticket to France. If you can find something similar on the internet feel free to link of course, I haven’t found any other options.

So here is the skull oil lamp that started it all. I like these because you have no dirty oily wax to worry about. Though it is kind of nice to have drippy wax candles, these are just modern alternatives to decorate your space.


First you want to start with these glass wick holders.

All you have to do is fill them with the wick…next photo. Wick holders available here (these are made of glass by the way).


Easy, but sometimes you need to use a tweezer to get it through. You will also need lamplight oil to keep everything burning….


To get this skull oil lamp feeling at home, you will have to get this Crystal Head Vodka. Sounds like a good excuse to buy alcohol, now doesn’t it? After you are done drinking this vodka, it will become the carrier for your oil, and wick. At the top of this cork cap, I drilled a hole to fit the glass wick holder.


Here is my Crystal Head Vodka (now empty) that will be replaced with oil. Close that cap with the wick holder, and light it. Done and done.


So here are the two versions, the bigger one is the version that you can have for yourself at home, and the smaller skull is the candle I bought in Paris. Now, I believe they have a miniature version of this crystal head vodka skull, so if you don’t like how big it is you can just buy the smaller one.


Moving on, we have even more options you can play with if you are still into that skull oil lamp idea. These are some skull shot glasses that I bought. You get a box of 6 (I think) and you can apply the same exact concept I showed you above.



Now the glass wick is placed at the center. Naturally these shot glasses will be open at the top, so I just cut a piece of plastic to seal it, cut a hole at the center to fit the glass wick. Again, easy.



There is even one other option for this skull shot glass that I have not been able to show you, but here is another shot glass design that I think is much cooler than the one I’m using. I just didn’t order it, but you can do the same exact thing with it.


Moving on, even more options to update your living space. Onto the classic candle stick set up, but drippy wax plus clean up after..maybe we don’t want to deal with that this summer. The worst is when wax splatters all over the floor and they dry up into tiny flecks, even after you get rid of the wax there’s all this greasy residue. These glass oil candle sticks work nicely.




Glass candle stick set. Or wait, this is actually a Rack and Test Tube Set that I am using as candle sticks....Oil lamp style of course. Just fill the tubes with the glass wick holders and oil, done.


Here I am just pouring oil into the glass stick. You can see the wick is already inside.


All the exact same concept, oil, glass + wick holder.



Look at this, an old Oil + vinegar Carafe, but I lost the cap! So I was about to throw it away but I just put a glass wick holder and now I can use it for something…Options are endless really so whatever you find in your home you can use for this post as well as long as you have those wick holders.



You can also buy tubes that fill up with oil to do the same thing.



Did the same thing with some rocks, they are holding up glass sticks with oil filled inside..If you followed me on Instagram you will have already seen this piece in action.


Last but not least of course I had to design a custom version, a million of these tiny test tubes and a logo…






So I hope all your curiosity is gone, and of course do not forget to click on those hot pink highlighted words, I’ve provided links to nearly everything featured in this post. Thanks for reading, more soon.