Inspired by YSL’s gold breast plates, and modern day breast lifts by the knife, I decided I’d take some time out to mold untreated, un-dyed leather. The molding process only works if the leather is at least 1/4” thick. I used a severed mannequin as a base for molding the leather into its final shape.. This nude mold was actually a learning experiment and my first try, you can sort of tell I played it by ear for this project. It was extremely enjoyable and the learning process has given me many more ideas for leather molding projects.



I cut out the shape in a very organic way. I didn’t want it to look too calculated.


I have several more ideas on how to incorporate this leather molding process into real, more wearable garments. I’m thinking of cutting out sculpted pieces and integrating them into leather jackets.




For this outfit, I designed another white collared shirt by default. Since I knew it had to be something that complimented the nude corset I re-configured the center front opening to be curved/scooped out so that it did not disturb the corset. The pleated skirt with asymmetric hem is from Salvo.







I also tried styling it with a plain white shirt tucked into the corset.