I have this little thing I like to eat and I had to share because it’s too good not to.. Some cookies (soft) with two kinds of sorbet… But being specific is key. I have a specific batch of cookies I buy from the whole foods brand, and two specific sorbets. This won’t work with Tate’s cookies or any other brand. Personally I’m not a fan of tate’s and I know someone is going to comment and say ‘How can you not like it’- sorry I just don’t! I think the whole foods brand cookies are much chewier and tastier. In fact they’re my favorite.

Anyway, it’s coconut sorbet and raspberry sorbet from Ciao Bella smooshed between these two soft cookies…. I love the unexpected tang from the raspberry mixed with the crumbly chocolate cookie, it’s just the perfect fit. The coconut sorbet sounds weird but it rounds out the tartness of the raspberry. So much better than using vanilla ice cream in my opinion, but if someone handed me a vanilla ice cream chocolate cookie sandwich on the street I won’t reject it.





Press down.


Usually I drink iced coffee but today I had to have hot coffee.