Breakfast with Luxirare (Recession Style)

Ikea food, what can I say? The only place that is less expensive than McDonalds. Ikea is probably one of the most powerful brands in the world, I’d have to say in terms of power, McDonalds takes the cake, but just imagine how many young struggling families Ikea has helped, from couples who have had their first kid, to the newly married…

Today I had to meet my landlord here, don’t know how we chose Ikea, but I love to have breakfast here. He is leaving for Dubai soon so we needed to tie up some loose ends. Everything is from my iPhone, I thought it would be way too strange to bring my DSLR to shoot arty photos of maple syrup dripping..Though I have endured humiliation at the fanciest of places to shoot photos for this blog…

Walking in, got here first, and saw an adorable, beautiful young girl with plates of food in front of her eating happily. She got the french toast sticks, I guess I didn’t need to look at the menu now.



Two coffees and breakfast, nice ambiance, comfortable chairs, and a friendly discussion with my landlord. Chill vibes, what more could I ask for?


Just when I thought it couldn’t get better…my eyes quickly glance at the bill. All that food and the total is the same price I pay for coffee at Starbucks. Total childish behavior on my part when I continue to support Starbucks nearly day in and day out.





Aside from buying overpriced coffee from childish behavior continues sitting in this chair..If you want to know how I dressed in high school, this is it. Baggy track pants, long sleeve shirts, 6 inch platforms, if it was platform sandals I wore them with socks. If it was cold a sweater over it. Anyone who knew me in high school that reads this blog might have a moment of familiarity right now. What can I say? 10 years later and not much has changed. Looking at how I dressed, it makes sense that I wasn’t part of the popular clique. I just couldn’t wrap my head around wearing butt tight miss sixties jeans. I tried my best possible not to get any attention from boys. Baggy things tend to cover everything.


..Checking out, lady in back of me is buying french presses by the box full. Is she starting a cafe?? Jealous.


This will probably be the highlight of my day. Scanning the bar codes and waiting for the sounds to go off, so satisfying!