Borough Market, London

On the 1 free day I had in London, I had 2 options allotted for leisurely roaming… Dover street market or Borough Market….I chose Borough Market… A 40$ cab ride was on the horizon but I didn’t care much….. the thought of getting to drink warm alcoholic cider and sampling a selection of cured meats was worth it to me. This was almost two months ago and now I’m packing as we speak for Paris and London…again..then heading to Turkey.


There isn’t anything like this over here, I mean people cooking food on top of a barrel…the market was bustling with people and artisanal food. This place definitely puts Chelsea Market and the Union Square market to TOTAL SHAME.



Sampling some blue cheese. After about 8 booths I got pretty full.



Slicing some prosciutto..wait no Spanish Ham as pointed out by one of my readers.



Truffle Stand.


Some guy smelling the truffles. This made me not want to buy any from that jar.




Coming here is all about sampling but also buying yourself hot little snacks along the way…. Here is a 3X3 dish of grilled scallop, bean sprouts, some kind of bacon-y hot sauce, and zucchini…this was incredible. Best fast food I’ve ever eaten.


I usually look for the place that has the longest lines. This was it..called “The Posh Banger Boys” on Stoney street in Southwark…I patiently waited to order a fried chicken wrap and a sausage sandwich. The shop is located at the edge of the market, it was the last stop on my out.


This literally blew me away. The food was so incredibly fresh. They serve “fast food” but everything is made to order. The chicken was just fried (so juicy)…This made all the difference in taste. There was also this strange hot sauce with mixed greens that I couldn’t quite identify..


Sandwich of a sausage cut in half and mixed greens with that same hot sauce on an english muffin.


Heavily salted chips.


I picked up some goodies from the market, and the next day we had lunch taken care of.



Spicy Olives


Organic white alba truffle honey, made personally by the vendors who sell it, not in a production facility. There was no label on this jar..nothing to denote a brand…just made by two truffle obsessed guys who decided to sell their product. The outcome is a truffle honey that tastes genuine, no chemical flavorings. What you also get is such a strong and natural scent from the honey and huge slices of truffles that have been steeping the honey with it’s amazing flavor.




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