Blue light

One of my favorite movies is Mulholland Drive by David Lynch. Reasons, love the switching between dreams to reality but really I think the point Lynch is trying to make with his films is that dreams are realities and realities are dreams, no difference right? Cause what you’re thinking at night when you’re sleeping just affects your life when you’re awake. That’s why I also love Nightmare on Elm Street as well..I own the whole series, number 1 is my favorite though. Drinking tons of coffee to avoid sleep, yes, a familiar feeling.

But anyway, Lynch, loving metaphors and symbols and all, uses that Blue Box in Mulholland Drive to represent the switch from dreams to day, when she takes out that box in the Club Silencio scene. That blue box just represents the blue light between morning and day when the transition happens and I love how he created that box to represent this transition, he’s such an artist! Getting films made in Hollywood, so much disgusting behavior involved, selling out, compromised visions from money pollution, women being humiliated to the nines..I have so much respect for Lynch, favorite director of all time I think. I love how his stuff is non linear too, cuts to the chase, because linear storytelling is obviously staged. Black Swan by Aronofsky shows a similar struggle doesn’t it, but there was something pseudo-intellectual about the way her pain was shot. Black Swan and Mulholland Drive are really similar but I feel like Mulholland Drive was so ‘it’.

Anyway, this is my favorite time of day now, when the light is blue outside. I start off with cleaning up the kitchen, setting up my music playlist on my iphone, and figuring out what my hustle will be for the day.