Black and White, Perforated

I sincerely hope everyone is having a happy holiday, spending it with their families..on vacation, at home eating good food and wine..or doing something that makes you excited, though I know that there are a good deal of people who struggle during christmas and new years, and a good deal of people who spend it alone, …to those people, don’t worry it will all be over soon!

Anyways, in response to some e-mails I’ve been getting about these black and white perforated wallet necklaces, they are back in stock. It has been a best selling item (thank you for the support!), and you will find them here. They are listed 1st and 2nd amongst all those wallet necklaces in different patterns and colors so you don’t have to go digging. Sorry for the bad blogging, promise there is new stuff coming soon. In the meantime keep up with my liveblog here.