Second before I started this post, I just had to add a ‘Korean’ section to my food category list. I don’t know why I didn’t get around to it before, but bibimbap is one of my favorite dishes, along with nearly every other traditional Korean dish. (click link if you don’t know what Bibimbap is yet)… What can I say? Korean food is..everything…at least for me. Below you’ll see traditional stone pots used for this dish. They are necessary for this, you can’t really make bibimbap in a glass bowl with a microwave..I am all for sacrilege but not the wrong kind, you know? One step you’ll need to take before using is to season the pots. Think of oiling a cast iron pan, yes, parallel actions. That’s why you may notice some oil stains on the pots below.


Quite the crude cooking method but with a little heat and a stone pot there will be magic. This dish consists mainly of rice, and the flavorings usually include a medley of vegetables (pickled, fresh, or marinated), seafood and meat. I don’t know what the technical rules are, and quite honestly I’m not so preoccupied with rules. The base idea is that you have a hot stone pot with rice inside. After a certain amount of time passes, the rice on the bottom gets very crispy and slightly burnt, in the middle you have some pillow-y piping hot rice, on top of that you have all the flavorings, and a raw egg yolk to finish. There is a lot of room for creativity. Basically add whatever you like, like if you’re into sausage and mushrooms, you can just add those. Two of the versions I’m showing here are traditional, but the last one I did something different. Not so traditional, but the best tasting.


I have three versions here. The last one is my own and the easiest…The first one to the left (very traditional) is a medley of seasoned korean vegetables (mushrooms, spinach, soybean sprouts, egg white strips, egg yolk strips, and some seasoned sirloin). In the middle, a seafood one (shrimp, scallop, squid, and the soy sauce seasoning ingredients) and the last…fresh black truffle bibimbap. I know someone on twitter is going to yell at me for my truffle usage. But you must agree that a black truffle bibimbap is something Korea needs…no??



I suggest using a decent quality butter for this, because there aren’t many ingredients being featured.


Some very crucial ingredients for the seafood bibimbap. Scallion, red pepper threads, sesame seeds, white pepper, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil. The classic version usually uses Gochujang to flavor the rice pot, but for the seafood you want something a little more mild and delicate.



Pots still heating up. Similar to the waffles post I suppose, you really don’t need much and the outcome will exceed your expectations.


Place your white rice inside (I am using the sticky starchy, traditional Korean rice but honestly I cannot stop you from doing what you want. But I will suggest you use the korean kind because it just works better this way.) And then you can proceed to place your veggies on top.


Same thing for seafood. Scallop, shrimp, and squid on top of the rice. You can also add clams, mussels…the list goes on..I also added some roe on top.


Butter on top of rice, for the truffle version.


While it’s cooking it’s important you keep the tops closed..this way the seafood can be steamed from the top. They should all be closed, regardless of whether you use seafood or not, just to keep the flavors steaming and trapped on the inside.



Unlike the very boring flavors featured in my Vegetable Soup Dinner post, this one features very potent, savory ingredients. Oh the dishes look rather innocent right now but we haven’t added the soy seasoning or the gochujang yet. Have you tried gochujang before, very spicy! A lot of people commented saying that the vegetable soup dinner looked flavorless and not-so-creative. Yes but that was totally the point, salt and other flavorings are not added on purpose because that soup functions like a nightly cleanser. Two of the versions below need to be finished off with an egg yolk, it will make or break, not something to skip….. but you see with the seafood you get a million little micro eggs…


This is so delicious. Don’t believe me? Just try it at home.


Sauce flavorings: Gochujang in my typically transparent dinnerware…fresh black truffle, and the soy seasoning.




Seafood bite…











Thanks for reading, more soon.