Between 70th and 71st

There’s a block on Madison that makes every other block on this avenue kind of irrelevant, and that’s the block between 70th and 71st. Two remarkable brands set up shop here, Celine and Laduree. They are right next to each other. I guess the best of the best like to congregate?




Already posted about Laduree so long ago, and I’ve been coming here to get macarons for a long time. Laduree hasn’t been around in NYC for long, but of course there are several in Paris. I came here a month ago to pick up gifts for my friends, but there was a line around the block so I passed. Not this time though.






I can’t help but take too many photos of the exquisite packaging.




I got three boxes today. Already been around the block with the dozen+ flavors here, so I know exactly what I like, I don’t want to waste my time with the others. The lady who was filling these boxes for me liked me so much. She stands there all day dealing with customers who go … ‘uh I’ll have this, and…the caramel…and..uh…pistachio…and…uh…coconut..uh..what do you recommend? …’, and I guess that’s why the line is long, because the associates need to individually pick each flavor out based on the customer’s requests. She was shocked when I requested three separate boxes filled with the same flavors. One filled with Cassis, the other with Rose, and the last with Pistachio, her hands breezed through without thinking too much stacking these boxes and I could tell she felt smug picking up multiples of the same flavor line. When I like something I just want more of that one thing, variety is really annoying sometimes right?


I guess out of all of these, Rose would be my absolute favorite.




Had to do a clean half knife cut of these, just look at the structure. Thin crumble to the touch crust, chewy interior, and the most amazing fillings, not too sweet. Just perfect.   There is no other place to buy macarons besides Laduree, they have secrets and I do not know what they are. I do not want to know what they are. I am perfectly fine with spending exorbitant amounts on pastries when I know that I can never make them myself, at least not at this level of perfection… Enjoyed these with a triple black espresso, need some energy for tonight.



I just finished two rose ones, 1 pistachio and 1 cassis. The rest is in the fridge now, and they will be sweet punctuations during the week.


Alright, thanks for reading, I must get ready for a late dinner with friends.