Beauty tips, it’s only advice and you don’t have to take it.

As the title explains, this is only advice, a proposal to add a new routine into your beauty ritual. Lately I have been obsessed with LUSH’s new product line. Interestingly LUSH BEAUTY is a double entendre for me. Co’on you know I’m the O.G. LUSH….Where is my 90210 Dylan intervention where everyone’s all like, GO TO AA!!! In korea we don’t have interventions like this. Or maybe we do and I just don’t know about it…

Anyway…there are two products here that I’m in love with…the OCEAN SALT BODY SCRUB, and DREAM CREAM. Besides using Palmers’ Cocoa Butter I also use Dream Cream which is a lighter formula. Cocoa butter can be very thick but honestly it’s done wonders for my skin.


The OCEAN SALT body scrub is a wonder all on it’s own. First of all the smell is intoxicating. It smells like the ocean, and second you can use it for both face and body. I’ve only been using it on my face and it’s so good that I’ve stopped using CLARISONIC. I used to love CLARISONIC but ever since I discovered this OCEAN SALT, I’ve stopped. Don’t throw out the CLARISONIC..I use it for the kitchen stove now. And, if you want to keep using clarisonic because you love it, by all means do exactly what you want. These are only suggestions. But how can you resist…It says it’s vodka infused..



This thick salty paste has done wonders ….


My alternate lotion besides Cocoa butter..


Speaking of Cocoa Butter, use this for lips too..


I love the nude look for nail polish, but also really into this clear confetti kind..



For your pores…Stuff I use 2-3 times a week.


If you’re not so keen on the OCEAN SALT, like I’ve experienced from direct comments on Instagram, leave us suggestions as we only want the best. For now this is my favorite. Also if you have a question about anything just speak up on instagram I can’t answer everyone but I try my best.

And lastly, I like to customize perfume by choosing a stack of varieties from a variety store…


If you have any tips leave some…for me this is what I’m loving right now. I also think you shouldn’t buy LUSH’S products online. You should go in-store and talk with the sales associates because they will give you guidance on what works for you. For example, they have 15 different face masks that require refrigeration but they’ll tell you what might work best for your skin. If you sit behind your computer and order stuff you won’t find anything else…More soon.

**If you don’t have access to a mall or anything close enough to get to Lush, you can find DREAM CREAM here and Ocean Salt here…