Basta Pasta Restaurant Recommendation


This past week I checked out this restaurant that my friend recommended. She knows I love pasta (black squid ink is one of my all time faves), but some time ago I made her some sea urchin pasta and she liked it, so she returned the favor by taking me to a restaurant that does another variation. I am used to cooking it this sea urchin pasta the creamy way (with flour butter and heavy cream) but at Basta the sauce is quite spicy and light. In the sauce you will see some Jalapenos along with tomatoes and sea urchin. I have to say I think I like their version better. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a no-frills casual spot that serves simple italian food. I didn’t try the prosciutto/parm cheese bowl pasta that one of us ordered (there were four of us) but I assume it was delicious.


Really liked this dish below, their sea urchin pasta. Maybe if you have tried this place already you can give some recommendations as to what to else to order….All photos are from my iphone if you are wondering about the quality.