Bar Pleiades

One constant question I’ve gotten since starting this blog is where to sit down and have a drink in New York City. I am not a seasoned expert at all but my favorite bar right now is in the Surrey Hotel. And there are many bougie hotel bars scattered in the city, four seasons..Plaza Athenee, etc…but this one  is across the street from the Carlyle, a little more low key than the Carlyle but still upscale. I mentioned this before I think but I do have a real weakness for upscale hotel bars. You can get both oysters and sliders here…along with tuna tartare and a selection of cold cuts and cheeses. I’ve sampled the entire menu between all the times I’ve been.. everything is delicious.

Just for a second, I feel like I’m in Los Angeles. Valet Parking? Yes, please, thank you. Quite surreal to have valet considering the geographic circumstance..Cue in Cher debating with Josh.


Another reason to visit this hotel is Cafe Boulud. It is right across the hall, and I’m sure the restaurant is fantastic, been meaning to go with my friend for ages but we have yet to make a reservation. Or one weekend we did make a reservation but of course I didn’t mind canceling because she was going through a breakup, and you know it would be stupid to go when one party isn’t up to it. No problem though, a perfect time awaits us.  The food being served at the bar is made in the same kitchen, I think…



Oh yes, I do love a handsome bar. Order yourself a Manhattan.



I get lucky with this place. Everytime I come I only want to sit in this paved out booth with cozy seats and everytime I’ve been sitting in either one of these booths, left or right… it’s like a cave of sorts.. There is only room for two parties at a time in this cave, the best time to come is around 5:30 right before the after-work group comes in, or around 9-10 when the after-work-drink people leave…If you’re visiting from out of town it’s the best spot to sit down after a day of touring and shopping. It is literally walking distance from Laduree and Celine. To make your visit even more special, there is a Chuck Close drawing of Kate Moss in the lobby and it is incredible..Forgot to snap that…




Tough day? Stressed? Man problems? Have a glass, it will be fine. Just remember we’ll all be dead soon.


So I hope this answers some of your questions…I’ll keep up with recommendations whenever I find a new place that I fall in love with for you readers who are curious about places to visit. But yes, do visit this bar and you might find me sitting in the cave, having a glass of something. The best part is that they don’t serve cheap wine and you know how cheap white wine can give you the most horrendous hangovers. More soon, thanks for reading.