Authentic Nog

I had the urge to have egg nog recently. I used Alton Brown’s recipe, he has both the original egg nog recipe and a cooked version for those squeamish about eating raw eggs….



After the Eggs are beaten with sugar, they should look light like this. I also put in wayyy too much Nutmeg, as usual, overdoing it with the spices. Gotta start controlling myself….


After the eggs and sugar are beaten, add in heavy cream, milk, cognac, bourbon, and rum. Or you can do only one of the alcohol
combo, or two..or all three…I added in all three….hmmmm

Last step, beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks. Don’t throw away the egg whites when you separate the yolk!!

Gently whisk in the foamy egg whites into the liquid yolk mixture. Yes this is all raw and kind of weird..I didn’t know egg nog was raw eggs….but there is a cooked version too..


So, you’re not really interested in separating eggs, whisking the whites, and the yellows….I like this shortcut the best, farmland’s egg nog, its delicious. All I have to do is throw in the alcohol and I’m done. It tastes almost the same, except this ready made version is sweeter. I can’t take shortcuts until I learn how to make something the real way haha. Its also less fluffier because there are no fresh egg whites whipped into the mixture, but actually the whipped whites don’t do anything for me taste wise. Egg nog is so cloying and rich. I like the taste of it but its also nauseating if I have more than half a cup.