Artisanal Pizza

I had this pizza at a restaurant once and it was definitely one of the most memorable, therefore I had to replicate the same pizza at home. The process of replicating pizza is quite easy, as the process of making the pizza reveals itself to you once you see the completed pie.
I know there are fanatic “deep dish” chicago pizza fans, but I like my pizza paper thin, almost like a soft/yeasty/cracker texture.
I also like the look of long, rectangular pizzas.
This specific pizza combines possibly the perfect pairing of ingredients; Arugula, Pear, Bleu cheese, Mascarpone cheese, and Truffle Honey. There is always that one ingredient that “makes” the dish and in this specific pizza, its definitely the truffle honey. Something about the salty bite of the bleu cheese with the sweet honey…and the fragrant arugula makes this my favorite combination…..
I urge all of you to try this for yourselves as I went to my neighborhood pizza joint to purchase this dough. They charge anywhere from 2-3 and I prefer to eat fresh, customized pizza at home. This pizza took me all of 5-10 minutes to put together before it hit the oven.

Truffle honey is actually the easiest thing to make. Its just honey with a truffle slice.



I just pressed the dough with my fingers and poured olive oil on top.


Elusive bubbles…I usually want a lot more bubbles but the dough has a character of its own. The more you try to get more bubbles by pressing with your fingers the flatter the dough will be.


First layer of mascarpone cheese.



I also added red salt, bleu cheese, and pear.


I think the foam was coming from the Mascarpone. I tried to get a decent oven shot but this was the best I could do before my camera was about to melt.


Arugula addition


My favorite part, adding the truffle honey.