Anastasia Radevich Shoes

I’m back in action- to those who e-mailed asking if I’m still alive, yes I am, I had to do a ton of stuff this past month (including moving) that took up so much of my time but now I’m excited to share these shoes by designer Anastasia Radevich. A few months ago a commenter had kindly left a note telling me to click a link to a shoe designer’s website -at the time I was so tired that I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about clicking on her link but I’m glad I did, the website was Anastasia Radevich’s. Usually when I get to the homepage and there is nothing exciting enough to keep me clicking I’ll leave right away but I kept browsing her site and found some of the most incredible shoes from her ‘Kinetics’ collection….

What immediately interested me were the fluid shapes of the platform and heel, you notice they look almost hollow. If you saw someone walking down the street in these, it almost looks as though the shoe is moving, the sculpted heel and platform look like liquid in motion. Though Radevich uses classic materials such as leather, suede, and lace, the shoes look like something from the future.



The front platform looks kind of like ice skates too, but far more interesting.

The heel is my favorite part, so unique. I’ve never seen anything like this before.
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The suede ankle boot is my favorite piece.
When I first opened the package at my studio, there were two men in their mid fifties fixing some sewing machines…While I was busy being “blown away” by the shoes, they both rushed over to me to see it. Mind you neither of them are interested in fashion at all, but they wanted to know who the designer was and thought the shape of the shoe was ‘beautiful’. I was a bit confused at the time because the black ankle boots were not the same as they looked on her website. When I had first seem them on her website, I thought the mid section featured a print. Because I was looking at the shoes through the computer screen I thought this mesh section of the shoe was a drawing of some sort. Even then when I had not known that they lit up I was still mesmerized by her design. Anyway, I started to remove the tissue paper and all of a sudden there were lights coming through and I finally understood that this mesh covered section of the shoes was not supposed to be a print. It housed a mini galaxy. I was blown away, again, and so were the two men.

There is nothing “cold” about this shoe, even though it features some technology. For me the lights are used in such a organic way. I love the way it looks sort of like a drawing, again I thought that this was a print. What I love is that the tech part of this shoe has nothing to do with function, it only serves the purpose of making the shoe more beautiful. When I had been shooting the shoe outside there were several people who had come up to me asking “WHAT ARE THOSE!”. Radevich’s design inspiration quote is “TAKING FROM MY MIND ALL WHAT I’VE HAVE SEEN, LOOKING FOR WHAT HAS NEVER BEEN…” I think her designs fall into the “what has never been” category, an incredibly hard thing to achieve now that nothing is new..

On both sides of the inner ankle, there are very discreet switches that move left to right, or vice versa. When you slide these switches, they turn the shoes on and off. The switch is small and unnoticeable but they are both still covered with a small suede flap to keep this switch hidden.


Most of the boot is constructed with suede, but both sides of the shoe have a mesh inset. Underneath the mesh insets are thin LED lights (I think). I thought the mesh layer was such a clever idea. It subdues the lighting a little bit, if there was clear plastic inset the lights would be a lot more obvious and bright.