Anastasia Radevich #2

My second pair of Radevich’s shoes came from her nature inspired collection called “bio future”. She’s always exploring different themes, which can be viewed on her website. While making this purchase I heard from her that her shoes are getting pulled for celebrities like Lady Gaga but also for established fashion magazines…it sounds like she will have a bright future ahead as a shoe designer. From “kinetic” to her latest collection (dreamfall), she takes one idea and comes up with various ways to tell the story through organically shaped patterns and inventive heels. Usually shoe designers will configure pre-existing heel models and design the top portion of the shoe, but with Miss Radevich it’s pretty clear that with each theme there are new custom platforms and heel molds being made. I can only imagine how much work it takes to do this, but I get the feeling that Miss Radevich is the type of person who doesn’t like to compromise her vision.



I was looking for something a little more wearable and for everyday, and even though her ideas are imaginative these boots are something I can wear more often than her other designs. I like how her shoes have a very organic feeling without looking handmade or d-i-y. The shoes are professionally produced in Italy, where Miss Radevich spends 4 months of the year over seeing production details to match her vision.


A simple ankle boot with a rounded toe is one of my favorite classic shoe styles, and this is a much more inventive version of that. It is made with suede and kangaroo fur, which is one of the softest I’ve touched. Before this shoe I didn’t even know that kangaroo fur existed. On top there are decorative stitches that almost resemble a snakeskin pattern. If these shoes look recognizable in any way that’s because they were also part of the Katie Gallagher fall 2011 presentation, Miss Radevich supplied all the shoes for her collection.