After work pasta

Almost everyone I know has their own slapdash little pasta dish, you know that dish where you kind of just add whatever you like. Some people like just butter, garlic and salt..while others like to add a long list of ingredients- tell me what is your combination maybe I will try it. I’ve worked on my version for a couple of years. First it was just broccoli, salt, and garlic..and then I added clams..and then I wanted some spicy sausage in it too..Then I stopped adding stuff…This is exactly what I like to eat after a long day especially if I’m tired and it’s rainy like tonight. I pick up some clams and spicy italian sausage from the supermarket, add some leftover broccoli (chopped), white wine for the sauce and fettucini pasta. In fact I just had some tonight, it was delicious.


Lots of garlic and red hot chili peppers required. I use about 5 clams.



My God, the smell of sausage frying in a hot pan with olive oil. It’s way too intoxicating.


I like to add the garlic after because it burns if you add it first.


Deglaze the pan with white wine you’d drink.


Add the chopped broccoli to the pan straight from the cutting board. The clams will open up and the steam will cook the broccoli. If you like really snappy broccoli just add it a little later.  Make sure to salt this, while the sausage is salty the broccoli are not.


Okay so here is my secret to delicious clam pasta- maybe it’s not a secret for some of you. Pick up lots of clam broth from the market and boil the fettucini in clam broth, not water. Salt the broth generously so it flavors the pasta too. It is amazing and makes all the difference. The best part is that the starchy clam broth that cooks the pasta is something you can also ladle into the sausage/broccoli/clam combo so you have a substantial sauce. The pan goes straight from the boiler to my table, obviously.


I always cook way too much, but I love leftover pasta.  There is leftover pasta but never any leftover clams.