Luxirare is a weekly webzine dedicated to clothing and cuisine. At Luxirare, the typical notion of a seasonal fashion show or seasonal “menu” does not exist. Styles and recipes are presented as individual pieces that do not follow a strict theme but rather a flow of ideas. The Luxirare principle is to use the unique mobility of the internet to develop an enticing, unorthodox presentation. A fluidity of information is easily produced because content can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The grassroots feedback system allows and encourages anyone to provide instantaneous feedback. Ideas are presented 1 by 1 so that detailed images can magnify the process or item being presented; this allows for a more intimate interaction between the image and the audience. However, there is a commitment to motion. There are no starts, no stops, no resumption of any discontinued story; just a continual conversation between the creator and the audience. Instead of typical “collections” or batches of ideas which are grouped into “seasons”, the goal is to move towards a season-less, collection-less presentation, promoting a constant renewal of thought. The power of the internet to swallow so much into obsolescence is usually considered detrimental. The point here is to use the greatest invention of the 20th century, the internet and the obsolescence associated with it, as an advantage.

The object is the move slowly but quickly. “Slow” in the sense that much of the content being generated takes an enormous amount of time to execute, and “quickly” in the sense that the content is presentable within a few clicks, without the drudgery of printing press, and digestible by the audience at anytime or anyplace. The true objective is to offer smaller dosages at a faster pace.

There is also a conversation which makes the very essence of the webzine. Luxirare creations are not only informed by the ideas of the creator, but also by the audience, the influences, and images within our post-post-modern environment. At Luxirare, nothing is “completely original.” In fact, nothing has been completely original for the past 50 years. Instead, many forms are brought together into a singular vision through the lenses of both Luxury and Rarity.

The Luxury and Rarity lenses zero in on the parallel worlds of clothes and cuisine. The pattern of consumption concerning the two are parallel, both operating on a devotion to hedonism, both running on the constant reinvention or update of current trends. Both require intimacy; food is consumed by the mouth and clothing must touch the body. The pattern of creation concerning both fields are distinctly similar; both require strong cutting techniques which eventually lead to new creations. Luxirare is committed to bring together these elements that inform both fields through a singular vision.

The form of presenting these two subjects goes as follows; the posts interchange between clothing and cuisine posts. 1 original piece of clothing = 1 post, and 1 recipe or presentation of cuisine = 1 post, and so on. In the future, there may be groups of clothes or cuisine being shown together, but the idea here is to break down the process of what it means to show a typical collection. It is not exactly a collection that is being shown, but a constant update of images and ideas.

The new definition of luxury will not depend on mass production or the “high” price tag. There is no false creation of the “it” item and its corresponding “scarcity” that this item will “sell out”. The new definition of Luxury will not only depend on the quality of materials used, but the time and amount of thinking it takes to create it.

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