A website about style, clothing, food, how-to’s, cars, music, comedy, and everything else in-between.

We are happy to inspire you with projects. And styling techniques used in food, clothing, and daily living snapshots. Our photos are dramatized at times for effect and visual pleasure.

At the same time we post what we like and at no point are we under the requirement to make sense to anyone. We do what we do for fun.

Our website is a constant collaborative process, each post is inspired by our audience and we hope that if you have any criticism or advice on how to do things that you leave comments. Please comment if you need a question answered, it will be much faster than if you wait for a response via e-mail.

If a commenter leaves a question you know the answer to, please respond! It is your duty to do so.

Our instagram is basically the same jist of things but you will be able to see much much more at a faster pace. Many times the projects are delivered to the instagram feed much before we publish it as content through this blog. Thank you for visiting.


Contact us if you wish: Luxirare@luxirare.com ….

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