A la Fiorentine


You might wonder why I am posting like a crazy person…I am still trying to get through a huge load of posts from my trip, just realized that I went a little too crazy with my camera and now I haven’t even broken into 1/4 of the photos I took so I still have a long way to go before I can go back to my regular posting style (you know, posting once a month? haha). Can’t wait to get back to posting my projects but for now, it’ll be pictures of scenery, restaurants and the like.

After a long day at Lineappelle in Bologna, I was ready to collapse, but there was only one problem. I skipped meals at Lineappelle because the food selection was dismal and the lines were too long, I had also been running short of time all three days I was there because there were so many vendors to visit and many things to buy. The only thing I’d been craving by the time I got off my train was beer, and huge plates of pasta. Food in the mid region of italy is not as light, meat is very popular here (think dishes like Bistecca a la Fiorentine, or “florentine steak”) and so are cold cuts.


Name of the restaurant? Osteria L’brincello (located on Via Nazionale). The restaurant has a very down home vibe and each time I went (came here twice during my stay in Florence) it was filled with people, sometimes I had to wait to get seated. Click here to see where it is located in Florence.


Plate of salami and prosciutto, goes perfectly with some ice cold Birra Moretti (this is a common italian beer I was drinking throughout the whole trip).

First course, sliced steak with shaven pecorino cheese and arugula.


Then we proceeded to order plates of pasta, the first one was Gnocchi with cream sauce, the cream sauce was flavored with bleu cheese and arugula. I shot this below when the dish had just arrived at our table and my lense got foggy.

Gnocchi in this region is softer, not firm and chewy.

This dish below was excellent, spaghetti with a light tomato sauce, anchovies, capers and parsley. I swear there was something else in this but I don’t know what it was. I’ve made a version of this pasta at home before but it did not taste like this.


The best thing I ate when I was in Florence, Tagliatelle a la Bolognese. The pasta is made fresh and you can tell that there is hardly any tomato sauce on this pasta, the focus is on the meat.


Seriously, one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had in my life.

Trippa a la Fiorentine. Beef tripe that’s been stewed for a long time in a light tomato broth- this dish was also spectacular. The tripe literally melts in your mouth.

Lastly, Bistecca a la Fiorentine, or Florentine Steak. Steak is very popular here. It is usually grilled and served with two slices of lemon. Sometimes the steak can be sliced thinner. We actually didn’t eat this much food in one sitting, this post includes photography from two separate visits to this restaurant so it may seem like a lot of food. If you are in Florence I highly suggest this place.