A day with Luxirare

So I’ve already let you in on my breakfast routine, but what about a day? Today I had the best day, so I just had to share. Rarely get to spend a whole day with my mom, so I was so excited. One thing about me I’m very close with my family. Blood relations, kinda hard to kick to the curb?? I often wonder what would happen if my mom started a blog. I would be so ashamed to keep blogging, because she is too smart. Kinda like a witch. She knows everything, but pretends she’s really stupid, so she’s even scarier. Can’t mess around with her, ever. I’m always eagerly awaiting her approval to my posts, because I know her answers are the right ones. In our culture, I see lots of kids rebelling against their parents, but why? Especially on TV, what’s wrong with kids nowadays??? Parents have years of wisdom ahead of us, they know a hell of a lot more than we do you know.. So if they say something is wrong, or you’re making the wrong choices, you better listen up. Parents trying to give us shortcuts because they’ve already made mistakes, yet we end up resenting them, so ironic. My mom and I have had our struggles (this is starting to sound like the joy luck club, sorry!) but recently we just got over this huge hurdle, and I feel so great because it brought us so much closer together. Super close with my dad too, but in a different way. My dad and I don’t talk so much, but we have a silent understanding. My dad’s the kind of person who only talks when he has to.

Let my mom do the driving today, wanted to take some pictures for you guys.



Earphones are from MUJI in case you guys were gonna ask me in the comments.


Today I took a day off to take care of stuff. I needed to find a parka because mine is ripping apart, went to A.P.C. for a black matte parka, hip length, couldn’t find it!


Agent provocateur right next door, but I prefer Kiki De Montparnasse.


I spoke briefly about rituals. One major ritual with my mom is going to Barney’s for a long lunch and shopping. Sometimes we buy stuff, sometimes we don’t. Been doing this since middle school, but because of my schedule I never have time, but today I really wanted to spend some time with her. I also asked her to come with me because I had to pick up some jeans, need her stamp of approval yana… Lost weight and the old jeans don’t fit me anymore..Dropped from wearing 26′s to 25′s…dunno why.



Crazy lady gaga windows. Didn’t really like Lady Gaga before, had respect for her though because I knows she hustles like crazy to do what she does, but I really liked her BORN THIS WAY album, heavy metal lover..good song. These window pics were taken a month ago I think, but since it was the same barney’s window I just wanted to share them. They were pretty wild, in typical Lady Gaga fashion.




Haha, love this pic, look at the crazy moto and the old lady chilling!


Barney’s has this new restaurant? It’s on the co-op floor, but the set up is extremely smart. All the menus are digital, touch screen, and on the table. The only problem is execution, my fingers had to literally bang the screen to order from the digital menu. Still, the idea is very good.





Years ago, walking in here, I wanted to buy everything. The craftsmanship and design so beautiful. Bags bags bags. But now, literally living with machines for three years and making my own bags, knowing every single production detail…All the fascination and curiosity I had for bags are gone. I used to think they were these magical objects, but now I know what goes on behind the scenes..so I kind of hate that. I can’t walk in here again and feel fascinated, will never get this feeling back…magic gone..good for my credit card though.


But damn, Celine, still magical. Got so much respect for Phoebe Philo, her designs are smart but I am 100% sure she lives her life smartly too. Kids, husband, running a business..she’s a hustler. Mom approved of both designs too. Love the patchwork coat and the shirt. Can’t afford either though!


So eager to have lunch, but I had to take care of biz first. Jeans were already picked out, but I needed a new pair of shoes, all of mine are worn. Don’t shop much nowadays but springs’ around the corner. Of course I went to check out Philo’s designs, so funny, everyone in the room was hovering around the Celine block, they didn’t really care about anything else. Right now there are three designers ruling fashion. Raf simons, Phoebe Philo, and Azzedine Alaia. Life, so simple: there are the best, and there are the rest. No point in chasing mediocrity.



These shoes were so incredible, but not casual enough. Still tried em on.


Super super sweet lady, bringing out shoes. Loved her, she helped me pick out which shoes..I had such a hard time deciding.


This close to buying both but came to my senses…



Felt so lucky today, they gave us the best table in the restaurant..didn’t need the menus though, mom and I, coming here for years, we already know exactly what we want. Fries, steak salad, penne arrabiata, and profiteroles for dessert. So excited to sit down, and this lunch was 3 hours long, with Pinot involved. So perfect.


Prosecco and some wine.


Fries here are incredible, if you come, please try it!






Barely touched my pasta, but I hogged all of my mom’s steak. Always what happens, what can you do?


Ready for dessert, table cleared, second round of Pinot.


The profiteroles here are mind-blowing.



The bill, OUCH! But gotta pay, she gave birth to me after all…


..picking up car, headed back to the studio to work..




Had to pick up new skinny jeans, Acne’s jeans are so great right now, I highly suggest…they are higher waisted which I like. Got blue and a faded black wash.


Probably gonna wear these everyday for spring.


Okay, going to get a little work done before I meet my friend for dinner tonight. See you soon. Thanks for reading.