5 minute avocado sorbet

No ice cream machine? No Kitchen-aid stand mixer? No time? Fine. I’ll make an avocado sorbet in 5 minutes (this does not include freeze time).


Slice the avocados into thin strips and splash it with lots of lime juice. This is to keep it from browning, and it will add flavor to the sorbet. Freeze ahead of time, you can do this the night before or 3-4 hours ahead. This sorbet is flavored with lime juice, lime zest, and cilantro. You can omit the cilantro if you want to taste just the avocado.



Every single sorbet recipe I’ve encountered requires you to boil corn syrup, water, and sugar together. But you don’t have to boil anything or wait for it to cool here. Just chop cilantro, prep your lime zest, and pour simple syrup and corn syrup that you can buy at the store. Set it aside or put it in the fridge to keep it cool. This took me 30 seconds.


Take out the frozen avocados.


Pour your liquid into the frozen avocado batch that will eventually go into the processor< ?font>


Get your dish ready. The texture will be cold and firm because of the frozen avocados. Pulse until smooth (should take 3 minutes max).

DSC_0157 copy

Serve it straight from the machine. I used those cake decorator thingies for presentation purposes. The cup was also frozen before hand to keep it nice and cold.





Put it in the freezer for a harder texture like the one displayed below. I prefer the texture of this sorbet when it’s straight from the processor because it is so smooth. The ice cream holder is available here.



Garnish with cilantro. I am obsessed with avocado sorbet right now. It is the perfect solution to use up any avocados that might go bad. And because it is frozen, the avocado can never go bad.