4 Ingredient Frittata via iPhone


Lately I have been cooking breakfast at the office, since I am always in a rush to get to work I never have the chance to laze around in the kitchen. But there are limited utensils and ingredients, with a makeshift kitchen (a table with a cutting board, basically…oh and a microwave) I’ve resorted to heating up Pepperoni hot pockets nearly every morning. Time for a change though, I’ve become quite contemptuous of these hot pockets…though they were delicious for a short span of time. I decided to bring my pan and a electronic stove to cook some eggs. Keeping it simple of course, I’m only using four ingredients for this frittata, leftover pasta, prosciutto, basil and grated cheese.

Also, it seems I’ve become the token breakfast cook at work, since nobody comes to work having eaten but it is actually my favorite part of the day. So it’s even more important to be able to do things in a concise, time efficient way. I highly suggest this recipe if you need to make four or five of the same dishes in a row. Frittatas and omelettes are the best for groups.

My basil is a little wilty, so I had to use it for this frittata. This dish is easy because it doesn’t require lots of cutting or prepping.



I like to shred this basil and mix it in with the eggs, let it sit for at least 10 minutes.


I’m using leftover papardelle, one of my favorite wide noodles. Little trick for these noodles is to dress them beforehand with lemon oil. I’m using lemon oil by Deli Garage, which is a Swedish food brand. Also added into the mix, shredded parmiggiano.



Cheese goes on top after your pan is filled. For photo purposes the pan is not hot yet, but best if you use a hot pan before the eggs hit the iron.


Pasta goes on top of the eggs, and after you can cover the pan with a lid.




I’ve gotten so many e-mails asking about this fork and knife set, designed by Cutipol to answer your questions.



Add three sheets of Prosciutto and tuck it under the frittata. I prefer this prosciutto not to be added directly into the eggs, better if it is consumed in it’s uncooked state. But the warmth for the eggs will gently heat it which is nice.


Substantial pasta carbs mixed with cheesy eggs. Don’t salt the egg mix because the cheese is enough, and on top of that you want to save some room for Prosciutto which is going to add even more salt. Basil is just perfect here.




Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and garnished with a couple of basil leaves, just enough casual effort.


Thank you for reading. More soon.