10 Kitchen Tools I’d love to have…

One of the best things about having a blog is that you can organize a list of your favorite items and people who know you personally can read it, which means they don’t really have to guess what you WANT. Well it’s that time of year and the items below are all things I haven’t gotten around to buying, I don’t need anything on this list but yes I do need them in another kind of way. Many of these items are out of my price range but that’s okay because it’s a fantasy list.

#1 On my list: Rainman Carafe. I don’t even drink that much wine (when I do drink wine I prefer white) but wow, the glassware is so beautiful and I love the pouring mechanism.


It would be so nice to have this little mobile frother sitting on my morning table whenever I am feeling extra industrious, cappucinos and lattes take effort but I think seeing this would get me motivated. My normal routine is wake up bleary-eyed, walk half asleep half awake to my coffee machine, press a button, dump a bunch of ice into the hot coffee, sip in under 30 seconds, and hop into the shower…This one’s actually really affordable if you have a friend that appreciates the art of coffee making.


So, did you guys know that Gilt Taste has a whole section on their e-commerce shop devoted just to EQUIPMENT? And no it’s not your normal run of the mill cookware, tools, dishes..they have amazing pieces from El Bulli and special vendors who have access to rare tools of the trade.. I browsed through the whole thing 2-3 times already and they have some amazing stuff…but one that caught my eye was this table top grill..I grew up with asian parents who appreciate this kind of thing, and we had our own little table top grill and they’d always prep fresh veggies and seafood, we’d slowly watch it cook over the small grill and enjoy some drinks along the way, but this tabletop grill is something I’d love to have when my friends come over, and everyone can be part of the cooking process, all you’d have to do is put everything on sticks and have some beer ready.


Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer, this is one that I really need to get for my friend who loves to drink wine by his computer and write for hours. For him it’s a ritual to drink wine and write.


Brandimarte wine stemware..Okay, so a main problem I have with glass wine cups, they always break. This stemware below would definitely solve that issue..


Why not make it easier to scoop out nature’s butter?


Alessi Pitcher.


Right now I place all my knives in a cabinet, but lately I’ve been feeling like it’s a dumb way to organize your knives because you have to go through the extra step of opening a drawer. With this knife magnet placed on a wall it would be so much easier to work, especially for me since I am always chopping something. But this knife magnet reminds me of Fatal Attraction for some reason..


This is a more expensive, more industrial looking tabletop grill, also from GILT TASTE that I am just dying to have..I guess out of this list, this tabletop grill and the rainman decanter are two favorites.. Yes I do prefer this one much more than the first one I showed you, but it’s double the price. But, if you are getting something you want you should get the one you REALLY want instead of having to settle for the less likable version because you might regret it later, and this tool is definitely something I’d make use of over and over again (partially because I don’t have to cook, just slice some meat and veggies, or even seafood).


And finally, a gorgeous cheese and meat plate by El Bulli, the legendary restaraunt headed by Ferran Adria, a hero to most working chefs today..Okay so it’s not at all something I need (as I have too many cheese plates) but it is just so beautiful. Definitely out of my price range but that’s what Christmas is for.


And David Kim (no we are not related but in Korea Kim is a very common last name, just like a lot of Jewish people have the last name Cohen), who is a contributor on my liveblog actually organized this post very meticulously, I also added in some of my favorites but it’s a good thing he gets what I like, special thanks to him for setting this gift guide up, he has a tumblr that you can check out if you like. I hope this guide gave you guys some ideas in case you have that friend who is obsessed with cooking/food/drinking/etc.