Zipper Belt

If you’ve noticed nearly all of my things are designed quite literally for myself, the mental process behind how things are created goes like “I want this, it’s not available anywhere else.” More stream of consciousness…“Designs just for people like me…”.

I am contradicting myself a bit here because in the past 5 years I’ve seen a lot of designers using zippers as embellishment. Sewing it onto hems (guilty of it too) or using it on shoes as pure decoration. I really hate this look. It’s completely useless to do such a thing, put a functioning object onto something that requires no such function.

But here I am, guilty as charged. Regardless of it’s non-function, the hip wants what it wants. I’ve been craving a zipper belt for ages, but you think it’s just going to happen so easily. It wasn’t of course, for months I had no clue what to do with these zippers transforming into belts. You have to think about adjustability, closures, how you’ll secure the hardware ends and all this. The essence of the zipper is that it’s malleable and infinite, so I chose to use these as advantages. You’ll see here, like a fresh piece of sashimi, the belt is really only about the zipper quality itself and not much else.



Only using two materials, like canvas, and leather, this belt has a much more malleable feel. No buckle, and instead only D rings to loop, lock and twist down. I chose the canvas on purpose so it would somehow camouflage into my daily denim. I do like the contrast when you place it on white or blue denim. But it looks most stealth on a black denim of course.




I never want to do belts because I don’t necessarily want to fuss over sizing. Some women have more meat on their bones and others prefer the high waist lock down and other’s like a low waist. That was my biggest challenge I guess with this was to have this belt option both ways.  Something that would look good on a low or high waist, and instead of going that typical belt direction of having holes and buckles, using the essence of the zipper’s malleable characteristic as the essential design motif. If you wear it on a high waist you’ll simply have more loops. Or maybe you only like one loop and a long tail. Up to you.







Zippers available now.




Say it in silver


These necklaces did so well that a re-order was in place, the problem is that nothing happens overnight around here. And the irony of it all was that I assumed my readers were way too “classy” and “subdued” for this piece, too…how do you say..”elevated” (ha). In classic Times New Roman font and delicate chains, anything can look “timeless” …but upon closer inspection your boss or co-worker might read your neck and have you fired. Don’t blame me. Wear this with caution. And also, don’t forget that this would work nicely as a piece of Halloween jewelry. Not sensible for kids who want candy from neighbors though.

Another thing I noticed was that this colorless tone (as opposed to the gold) spoke directly to customers, to my shock it was the first color that flew out of my inventory. In a way I already predicted this would be the outcome, and so if you were hoping to get your hands on this color it’s available yet again.




Ideas cannot be imprisoned …


Many people are quick to hail designers as other worldly Gods. In other cases you can also say their other talent is simply shrewd curating ability.

On pure luck I’m able to thread these images together. My eyes have grown tired from the visual library on my desktop, from the images stored inside my private pinterest boards, and from the fragmented jpegs all floating in my brain.

Fashion really does repeat itself and we mustn’t call this ‘plagiarism’. Ideas in this industry cannot be imprisoned. Only logos can.

In these three instances we first see Margiela’s version of this blazer, designed under his reign at Hermes. I’m unable to gather which specific collection it was under. It has a unique feature which includes a closed center seam, meaning this blazer can only be worn like a shirt. Raf Simons in 2009 does a brilliant code of his own. Lastly Acne recently sent down about 4-5 versions of this same format in both tops and dresses, this blazer concept that is, with a closed off center seam. To let you in on my personal tastes, I’m not a fan of Acne’s really, and it seems Acne’s choice to put these designs on the runway was more “styling” than “coding”. You can call this a “Blazer-shirt” I suppose, but technically a blazer means the center seam is opened with button closures. People constantly pick out which mass market designs are derivative of runway. I’ve always felt these people were so naive, starting as early in high school. High end designers do this just as often. Their sources are harder to access as the general public does not always know which books to look at or how to look for search keys. They also have something most don’t, which is curating skill.

This is a chic concept and the way you can work this blazer for fall is to do a turtleneck with it. I like Margiela’s styling the best, because it’s current. Colder weather is just around the corner and it is impossible to do this without something underneath. Thanks for reading.




Mormon Chic

Every season it’s hard to grasp what item you’ll obsess over, you never really know until the time comes it seems, and each key item is something you need to test out. Will I actually wear this day in and day out?

One overall theme is that most of these runway shows have been depressing. Either they are too derivative or some of the major designers lack the directional guidance we’ve so relied upon for years. Of course exceptions include Lagerfeld and Raf Simons. But beyond that fashion shows have been banal. I think the downward spiral started five years ago.

What has been getting me excited though is this idea of “Mormon chic”.


From cotton smocks to bed dresses there’s something “virginal” about the women dressed here, and it’s a nice refreshing change from all the “easy” behavior women engage in nowadays. Simons’ women are hard to bed. In 2014 I understand women often forget. It takes no skill or charm to keep a man interested in you if you are providing sex. The longer you’re able to keep a man interested while you keep your legs crossed does take skill and self-control. Your ability to sleep with a man isn’t unique. Every woman is endowed with this “talent”. Whatever though, I guess I still sound like a grandma!


Some more looks by Stella McCartney. Key piece here would include a bold long sleeve collared top with a placket.
The only way to accessorize these below the knee smock looks are with long, bold pendant necklaces. Chokers don’t work with these and neither do lariats.


The look to the far right, by Chloe, is the ultimate for me. Along with one other look I haven’t even mentioned from Comme Des Garcons (which is in another circus category of it’s own…) this dress in light blue to the far right literally blows my mind. It has that shirt dress feel with a longer hemline, and definitely feels very “mormon”. They would do without the transparency though, as Mormon women are under strict dress code guidelines. But during this spring we can definitely expect longer hemlines and free-flowing fabrics. Runway photos by Style.com.





Double Faced Wool Robe, 9/29/14



Today I wear the same old black jean and black long sleeve shirt combo, but topped it with one of these double faced wool robes – living in this one item all weekend – it definitely works perfectly for easy fall dressing. With a simple tie nothing can look more effortless. The black and charcoal contrast is so satisfying as well.

More soon.




Video Clip Friday

Created just a year ago, when I was busy keeping myself off blogs (mine included), this certain clip completely slipped through my fingers, I came across this from some reader who e-mailed me. Katie Grand, and Jacobs, partnered up yet again (big surprise there) to create some kind of “fashion video”. In it, all girls have that drug gaze in their eyes, they’re mostly in lingerie, and it seems derivative of that “Night Porter” drivel. A crappy 70′s film on sex-for-survival exchange that went down during the Holocaust. Note that no part of this video is “tongue in cheek”, you can tell by the moody light and music. It’s downright eerie.

There is nothing wrong with the work of Katie Grand’s. It’s true that I think her frumpy granny chic aesthetic is contrived and boring. It’s true that her styling choices are tips I’d never use for myself. It’s also true that while I’m writing about her, I’m also yawning.

It’s also true that Marc Jacob’s grandma clothing is somewhat questionable. Nothing wrong with grandmas but lets dress age appropriate, or something. I once knew someone who loved his work. But I could never say it to her face. She was so opinionated about everything that if you disagreed you’d hear a nonstop lecture on why you were wrong. In any case, keep your mouth shut if you come across a Marc Jacobs fan. You won’t be able to leave the conversation – even for a whiz.

Getting back to my point, I don’t expect much from the fashion industry as a whole to act in a proper, dignified ‘fashion’. If money is supposed to buy you class and nice handbags, I hope you have the class to back it up. In Japan there is this entire thing called Enjo Kosai, which is like “compensated dating”. Basically a business arrangement where a young woman dates a leery older businessman for luxury goods. Which again, makes me not crazy about designer handbags, in 2014 it doesn’t even signal rarity or social status. But dressing up like a prostitute and heckling a MercB just so you can get paid is not a chic exchange. It’s not even shocking or controversial. People think it’s controversial because it’s associated with the House LV, but ever since T-bone Terry Richardson has been getting away with Porno Chic, most of us just roll our eyes and yawn. Aren’t we used to this contrived aesthetic? Isn’t porno-chic like, normcore or something…

There was a young woman who left a comment on my instagram mentioning how this video makes all women seem like sluts. It’s kind of true, is Grand expecting us to walk away from this trashy video thinking that women are dignified beings who can read, write, invent, and engage in intellectual conversations with the opposite sex? In the video, the minute the pal gets in that Benz she’s slipping off her night gown. The night gown in question isn’t even aesthetically pleasing (since it was designed by Jacobs, a man that seems like a “normie” from New Jersey, nothing wrong with New Jersey of course…). I mean, if you are going to humiliate women on screen like this, make that lingerie killer, you know?




CDG fall 2001


For fall you can dip back into the past for styling advice. CDG Fall 2001 gets it right with oversized lapels and shoulders…I like this mixed with digital print silk shirts just as it is styled on the runway.

(All photos via Firstview.com)




90′s + 70′s


Perfect, I totally want to look like this right now. Except I totally don’t have the energy to sew a snakeskin jacket like this.

Her purse, shoes, jacket, everything accessorized to perfection I don’t really know how she does it! Also like how this look is both 90′s minimalism and 70′s vibes all at the same time. (Photo via vogue.com)




Western Clutch


I brought these older designs back, except this time expanded on production. Experimenting with patchwork, each of these bags are same, but a little bit different. This purse uses new and vintage leather pieces for a real “worn in” vibe.


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