• Home Improvement
  • The ultimate trend for your kitchen’s countertops


    Are you looking to redecorate your kitchen and you would enjoy something modern, trendy, and elegant at the same time? How about if you could bring something from your personality in your kitchen in a unique manner? If you want to make your kitchen one of the most appreciated rooms in your home, there is […]

  • Fashion
  • Fashion Cravings: Slip dresses

    slip dress

    This year, the trend for all things slinky, silky – the slip dress is THE must have dress in fashion this summer, with everyone from Calvin Klein to Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney championing the boudoir look. Lingerie as outerwear? It may sound like something we left behind in the 90s, but the slip dress […]

  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Restaurant Review: Tibits – London


    I’m not a vegetarian but could easily become one if I ate here everyday. This place is really awesome. It’s not difficult to find somewhere to eat around this bit of Regent Street but Tibits certainly offers something different. Inside it has a modern, funky feel. People were just chilling and enjoying the relaxed, laid back attitude. A […]

  • Beauty
  • Review – Foreo – LUNA™ 2 for Normal Skin


    If you have the feeling that your face is never properly cleaned, at least not the way you have it cleaned in a professional beauty salon, it may be the right time to learn about Foreo LUNA 2. This is a device developed not just for cleaning your face, but also for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, through […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Your guide to making a credit card work for you

    shopping copy-1464802876

    All the talk about recessions and Brexit can make us feel uneasy about the future, and I think we’ve probably all done a bit of a double take over the last couple of weeks. Already we’ve seen that spending in high-street stores has dropped off considerably since 23 June. Who knows how long it will […]

  • Beauty
  • Review – Gold Woman Eau de Parfum by Amouage


    Amouage – Gold Woman is a seductive perfume, not made to be worn day by day, but to be used in those moments when you need to feel special, feminine and mysterious. I discovered that it works best with feminine attires and chili evenings, when the cool air around you will allow an invisible mist […]

  • London Life
  • Hotel Review – The Hoxton, Holborn – London


    We fancied a break from home for 24 hours, so we found The Hoxton hotel, in Holborn, and me and my fiancee were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional services here and friendly staff. It’s in a great location with tube station around the corner, Soho within walking distance, easy walk to most theatres, the British Museum, […]

  • Fashion
  • Must-have clothing items for summer 2016


    A pair of white sneakers After a season full of Stan Smith shoes, perhaps it is time to discover the charm and simplicity of white sneakers (Converse, Chuck Taylor, but not necessarily), in high and low, classic, versions. If we are to look at the way these are worn, you just need to follow the […]

  • Fashion
  • Fashion Cravings : Embroidered Bomber Jackets


    Summer or not (rainy, cold London here), I’m becoming addicted to the embroidered bomber jackets, this style of jacket has been making quite the statement in recent collections and street style imagery alike. It’s a perfect addition to light dresses and denim shorts on summer nights and an indispensable travel buddy. The vintage trend is a […]

  • Beauty
  • Review – Yardley Polaire Set


    Yardley Polaire* is seductive, sensuous and very beautiful. It is not too sweet but a ravishingly lovely scent. Whereas in the past the company focused on more mature single note scents, Polaire is a rather glamorous mix of pear, freesia, rose, ginger, pink pepper, amber and patchouli. Polaire is introduced with a delicate art deco box. The glass […]