Edible Bomb Shot

So it turns out I was lying on my couch watching Terms of Endearment, and this familiar scene sparked just enough motivation. Aurora on her first date, asking for whiskey. “Preferably wild turkey” she says. Due to Instagram’s 15 second stipulation, the film scene is posted before the video. If you follow the account you’ll be able to see it consecutively.

Scene, familiar because I’ve ordered Wild Turkey on a slew of first dates. Familiar because hyper conservative Aurora goes in for the kill. If you’re lucky enough to be in the company of an alpha laden thick with integrity, perhaps water, instead.

If you’re on a turgid date – Irish good byes are easy escape. Not so with this bomb shot. One too many of these may render you helpless in a bar.

Aurora’s preference now gets preferential treatment. Edible shot glasses…hmm I did those ages ago. I used the same concept here, conveniently a bomb shot involves a shot glass, how ’bout we turn this glass into something edible & frozen. Using a divisive strategy, this cocktail is divided into 3 parts: the shot glass which include lemon juice + marmalade + simple syrup, the bourbon, and finally, beer. The recipe is derivative of the Weissen sour, which is basically a light ale mixed with a whiskey sour. We have to also think about freezing these, so the simple syrup and marmalade also need water laxative. Otherwise you will end up with something like a gel. In this case, this recipe works out perfectly for my taste buds, I find cocktails to be too sweet, especially at bars.

For visual effect I placed the marmalade last, so it goes from light to dark. In the video you’ll notice I’ve already frozen the syrup and lemon, the marmalade goes last otherwise it will sink to the bottom. Lessen the edible glass gap with bourbon, and throw it into the beer, you can use pretty much any light beer, I’m using Heineken because I’ve had this dispenser for a while and it’s one of my favorite beers… As you drink the cocktail will make itself. And plus, your beer stays cold. Ka-ching!

As for your state of mind the next morning, do not expect a clean head.

**Some tips and tricks when serving. Because I’ve tried and failed you get the shortcut. The marble slab isn’t here for decoration. It was sitting in the freezer for a day so that when the shot glasses hit the stone they don’t melt. In the video you notice I don’t much care if the whiskey spills over, but I didn’t want these shot glasses to have curvaceous edges**

**Note: We shot this video to fit Instagram’s requirement, all clips shot via iPhone, as you know photos and videos are loaded into a square format so compositionally everything is centered, I don’t like the centered look for widescreen but what can you do…**



Champagne and Strawberries

If you follow me on instagram I am doing short videos including food & drink. There will be garments included.. only because… it would be totally weird and inappropriate if I wasn’t wearing any. In this video I’m wearing a Luxirare black oxford top with rhinestone beads and sides flushed with black tulle. Anyhow, all these things.. food..clothes..cooking..cutting..leather..cars…all interrelated.

In the 2000′s Rachel Ray blew my mind with her 30 minute meal concept on food tv. I liked her shrewd approach to cooking, and everything she made looked simply delicious.

Well it is 2014 now and on instagram I have 15 seconds to give my closing argument.

So it turns out C-grade Champagne gets C-grade treatment. Moet. When I drink with a group of people at someone’s apartment we usually do plastic cups or solo cups with white wine or prosecco.. I think the same kind of approach can be used for simple entertaining. In terms of how to deal with your guests…well…Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen! Self-serve style, disposable cups, and strawberries if they care for some. Makes it easy for you to remove yourself from the group whenever you need to.

You can find this dispenser at www.worldmarket.com.




4 Ingredient Frittata via iPhone


Lately I have been cooking breakfast at the office, since I am always in a rush to get to work I never have the chance to laze around in the kitchen. But there are limited utensils and ingredients, with a makeshift kitchen (a table with a cutting board, basically…oh and a microwave) I’ve resorted to heating up Pepperoni hot pockets nearly every morning. Time for a change though, I’ve become quite contemptuous of these hot pockets…though they were delicious for a short span of time. I decided to bring my pan and a electronic stove to cook some eggs. Keeping it simple of course, I’m only using four ingredients for this frittata, leftover pasta, prosciutto, basil and grated cheese.

Also, it seems I’ve become the token breakfast cook at work, since nobody comes to work having eaten but it is actually my favorite part of the day. So it’s even more important to be able to do things in a concise, time efficient way. I highly suggest this recipe if you need to make four or five of the same dishes in a row. Frittatas and omelettes are the best for groups.





Quality meats via iPhone

Steakhouses that become institutions tend to add a substantive layer to any metropolitan neighborhood, just thinking about the way Peter Luger does so for Williamsburg… and I’d definitely say Quality Meats does the exact same for Midtown. A jewel of a steakhouse right before Central Park about 3-5 streets above the theatre district, this spot, on a weeknight, was boisterous and bustling. To add some heat to competitors, the restaurant is nearly 3 floors – yes, still jam packed, on all three.

Another note, turns out this trendy spot is blood tied to the Smith and Wollensky (father owned) restaurant chain. Makes sense that Quality meats (son-operated) is simply a modern continuation of an old school classic.

Now just look at these doors & the title, I just love what they call this place. Quality Meats. Sounds like a butcher shop with an owner that couldn’t really think of a proper name who defaulted to “it is what it is” territory. Dig it. My iphone quality doesn’t quite match up with what you can do with a DLSR during the daytime when there’s a lot of light. But I love late dinners, and so you’ll have to tread through these somewhat pixelated photos. I have a few I threw in from another website, the original designers of this interior space, who will literally blow your mind. Click the link to see more of their work.


Insanely cool lighting, raw bulbs screwed right into the ceiling. Quality meats, quality lightbulbs. Dry dry dry.






Edible Christmas Tree

My philosophy on Christmas and holiday festivities in general is that all the family and friend gathering stuff comes second to the bottom line: Eating. What can I say? I coast holiday events to see what kinds of delicious foods I’ll get to consume- hopefully for free. Shameful, but too true.

But…there’s slight a problem when you’re faced with the responsibility have entertaining your friends & family. Oh right, maintaining relationships with your loved ones, it does require a bit of upkeep. Plants need love & watering. But…. I’m a priority too. Therefore I want to keep things as simple as possible. That doesn’t mean I won’t get my point accross. How will you gauge whether or not your slapdash execution was a success? If you warrant a crowd of instagram snappers. End of story. If you fail, you can try again next year.

Speaking of plants, about a month ago I came across a Rosemary Bush….tree..whatever you call it. It’s nearly impossible to think of anything when you wait around, trying. I need to be out and about, bumping into things.

My childish thoughts kicked in. 1+1=2. I don’t want to decorate a tree this season. Everyday is a Wacko Christmas in my world. However, I will not turn down an excuse to eat a ton of delicious, salty food…This season you can easily kill two birds with your urge to merge. Italian antipasti combined with a tree as signage. Oops, just wrote Italian Antipasti, redundant to the max.






Scungilli Fra Diavolo


My guess is that most of you have been to an italian restaurant before. And you may have seen a variety of Fra Diavolo dishes. Those ones with shrimp and mussels or what not with spicy tomato sauce. But in my book there is really only one Fra Diavolo worth eating, and that’s one with thinly sliced Scungilli.

In case you are wondering what Scungilli is…. it’s just a really large marine snail, Conch meat. Chewy seafood, the simple way to describe it, Scungilli has a weird smell to it but it’s all good, I will probably like you more if you order this as opposed to Shrimp with Angel Hair or something boring like that. In the photo above I’m using precooked conch meat that has been taken out of it’s shell. Very easy to deal with, in fact I hope you try this for dinner this week.





New Payard

Recently I or (we) stopped by JG Melons’ to get a burger (not something I do on routine, but geographically it was the best place to get a burger). I thought their burgers were perfection but also I’ve never met a burger I didn’t like, so it’s not like JG Melon’s can become a superlative in my book. What I did notice were their cottage cut fries, a bit different, but I like the classic vertically cut strips. Once the cottage fries reached our table they were cold. For nearly $11 a burger I expect a little more than that. Even McDonald’s guarantees super fresh hot fries, or you get your money back. ;)


After dinner I guess a girl gets lucky– Payard had closed for a long long time, and if you can remember they had the best pastries in the tri-state area. To my absolute surprise, there was a FP Patisserie right next to JG’s. RIGHT NEXT DOOR!! God tested me during mid-cleanse and I failed miserably. Oh well. Those tear drop shaped mini cakes colored in pastel rainbow..do you remember those before the original location closed?? If you are watching your weight try to avoid 3rd ave between 74th and 75th. And also if you are visiting from outside the US, do not bother with the Payard Bakeries (different selection entirely)…just look for the Francois Payard Patisseries, which is where you will find the second best cakes outside of Paris. Now FP Patisserie is definitely superlative material.

Now quick note about JG Melons’…When it came to the actual burger (Mine was swiss cheese melted with Bacon, pickles, onion and ketchup you can expect only the best. Their meat is packed very lightly, and you can barely notice the ground beef’s crumbly texture due to the moisture content. My pal thinks there is a huge slab of butter placed at the center of their patties, a reasonable assumption I’d say, considering they melt in your mouth. (Photo below via instagram). Do not be swayed by the novelty of these cottage fries, they were not great. Apologies, I have no more photos of this Melons’, the restaurant was dim and I didn’t want to flash it because there is no space between you and another table. But there are enough photos circulating on the ‘gram and google. Get there also around 4-5 pm to beat the after work dinner crowd. The restaurant in general is quite ballsy. Number one, it’s cash only. Number two, the burgers don’t come with fries…you have to order a side of fries essentially if you want to see any, and the cold not-so-crispy cottage fries are $4 extra. Yes, sassy. But hey they are getting with it, why not let ‘em.






Flask Bangle



I too would have been confused by the title of this post. Yep, it’s a flask and a bangle designed by Cynthia Rowley. On the e-commerce site, there is one simple sentence to describe the product. Necessity is the mother of invention….Via.




Lotus Wrapped Sticky Rice

Juicy buns have become quite the ubiquitous metropolitan appetizer. I mentioned before that I can be quite lazy, which is why even though I love love love Juicy Buns, I usually refrain from ordering them… Because I cannot seem to hold a normal conversation with my friends while eating them, half the time I’m just worried my tongue will burn or I’ll have this embarrassing moment where all the juices will splash out at the wrong time and place (I told you I have really strange paranoid fears). Twice last year I went with my buddies, they say..what’s wrong you only had one Ji??? Yes because it’s just like too much pressure, god I barely made it out alive the first time around. Let’s not talk about the dexterity required when you have to carefully hold a piping hot juicy bun in one hand, and then you have to reach for those ginger shreds to place on top of those buns………

My favorite thing to order though, that doesn’t require any kind of balancing act are lotus wrapped sticky rice. This is definitely the kind of food that I love, because you just dig in and it’s like Christmas time all over again. Lots of goodies hidden inside this sticky rice, sausage and bacon..EGG…if you’re lucky..CRAB MEAT! What I noticed about Americans eating this is that..well lots of them don’t. I mean it’s the rice’s texture that does it, very sticky and I don’t think they get it. It’s got the same texture of those Mochi Ice Cream nuggets, that chewiness that kind of sticks to your teeth. If you’re not used to something like this it can definitely be frightening so I understand that….but it’s so delicious that I couldn’t help but share. And to add a lil’ disclaimer here I’m not Chinese so please don’t get offended by my recipe. You know I just make do and get by.



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