• Fashion
  • Happy Birthday, Capricorn girl!

    You are often seen in business attires: highly adjusted suits, low heels, and classic accessories. The simple and classic style is the pillars of your wardrobe. But this doesn’t mean that you are frigid from a stylistic point of view or detached of what means femininity and modern. In fact, you love wearing clothes to […]

  • Fashion
  • Comfort’s eulogy

    When it comes to apparel, the notion of comfort was unknown to me for a very long time and it often made me indifferent about it. I must mention that, back in those days, I used to believe that the purpose of clothes was, above anything, to allow optic illusions to make life gentler, better… […]

  • Fashion
  • Mulberry Roxanne

    Known to fans as Roxy, this little handbag managed to check all the boxes necessary to become an “it bag”. It had pockets and buckles and much more studs than the outfit of a dominatrix taken from a photo shoot for Playboy. Back in the days when it first appeared, in 2004, its price was […]

  • Beauty
  • How to Look Like You Lost 10lbs

    Losing the final 10lbs in your weight loss goal can seem next to impossible. In fact, it’s often the most difficult portion to lose. You may not even have a big goal, it could just be that you put on some extra weight over the Christmas holidays or while on vacation, or it just snuck […]

  • Fashion
  • Invest in a black dress

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everybody says it, since Coco (Chanel, of course) – you must have a perfect, black dress in your dresser. The truth is that this is a fact; you really should have one that can get you out of a dead end. My advice: spend as much as you can on […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Top 10 stocking fillers

    Time is running out and Christmas is getting closer and closer. Do you have everything you need to make sure that the stockings of the people you love will be filled? If you don’t, there’s no need to panic just yet. You still have time to take everything you need. But, to be even easier […]

  • Home Improvement
  • How To Find Truly Reliable Flower Delivery Services

    When it comes to gifts that are always going to be popular, flowers are high on the list. If you have no idea what to choose as a gift or you simply want to add something extra to a gift you got, flowers should be considered. Most people out there will love at least some […]

  • Home Improvement
  • Smart Home Renovation Ideas To Make Everything Look Better

    An average renovation project for your home is going to always cost quite a lot of money but that does not mean there is no option available for those that have a tight budget. You do not have to think too much about the costly options as you can save money and can instantly improve […]

  • Fashion
  • The myth of the “real woman”

    After a good period, while the fashion sphere tried to detach itself from the subject, it awakens now fascinated by the concept of “reality”, particularly by the one of “real woman”. It is the new obsession, which creates new endeavors that leave many simply mystified… The omnipresence in the fashion landscape (magazines, advertising campaigns, and […]

  • Travel
  • Your Guide to Montreal

    Montréal is one of the most captivating cities in the world. The most populous city in Quebec, the 2nd most populous Canadian municipality and the second largest French-speaking city in the world. A visit to this metropolis would be like visiting two worlds –old in soul but young at heart, ancient but modern, chic but […]